Better Service 

The other day I went to Sardar hotel at Kamalapur. After I’ve taken a seat, a hotel boy came to me to serve. Before serving food he said, “You will get everything special. You will be served better and everything that I give you will be special. Few minutes ago a man took just a cup of tea I gave him special service so he gave me a tip of thirty-taka. You will also receive such special service but you will have to look at me specially at the end of your meal.”

I couldn’t understand what he meant by his ‘special service’. Maybe he meant that he would serve me beautifully and for that reason he would want to have some tips. I told him that I’m prepared to please him if his ‘better service’ pleases me.

I then took Chicken and vegetable with rice. While eating I couldn’t find anything special in his service. The only good side of his service was that he brought the dishes very quick to me. To my calculation the bill should come about 55taka. But when I went to pay the bill, the boy came to the manager and said, “Boss, his bill is 35taka”. Oh, so this is what his better service is… I paid the bill and while leaving I handed a ten-taka-note to the boy. This is how that day he pleased me and I also pleased him.

On the next day I went there again and the same hotel boy came to me. This time he didn’t say anything, as he knows well that I’m aware of his ‘better service’. I’m not a voracious person. I never was. I habitually eat little but today I felt the voracity in me. I ordered for beef and chicken with rice. After the meal I felt pain in my tummy. Hey, have I eaten too much… Why does it matter? The bill won’t come big.

I felt relaxed as I went to the manager to pay the bill. I asked the boy, “How much is the bill?” “It’s 32” he said.
Wow! This is called true ‘better service’. I ate more today but the bill came lesser than yesterday. Maybe tomorrow I better eat even more. But there has to be an end of this trend of ‘better service’. So I decided not to give him any tip today. Instead I asked the hotel boy for a tissue paper and after having it I said, “Your service was really good.”


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